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Bį́į́hbitoo’nii + Naakai Diné’é + Táchii’nii + Tsé Deeshgiizhnii

Yá’át’ééh and hello, my name is Lyncia. I live near Dook’o’oosłííd, a mountain sacred to countless tribes across the southwest regions of the U.S.. The area in which I live, provides histories, languages, and paradigms that largely inform much of my work and subject matter.

I am a self-taught artist with an MFA in Creative Writing.

As an artist and illustrator (and water-clan being) the use of traditional watercolors has been my go-to. As of late, I’ve been leaning into the digital arts, creating gifs, stickers, and motion graphics.   

To the left and right are projects I’ve worked on. Enjoy!
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Speak for the Peaks Project Lead

Speak for the Peaks is an art initiative calling for submissions of art that address Snowbowl’s ongoing destruction of a sacred mountain known as the San Francisco Peaks. More importantly, this project seeks to unite and revitalize our collective expressions that hold this mountain and her many relatives as sacred as we collectively remember the mountain as:  

Tsii Bina to Acoma:
Dził Tso to Apache:
Dook’o’oosłííd to Diné:
Nuvaʼtukyaʼov to Hopi:
Huassapatch to Havasupai:
Wik’hanbaja to Hualapai:
ʼAmat ʼIikwe Nyava to Mojave:
Nuvaxatuh to Southern Paiute:
Wi:mun Kwa to Yavapai:
Sunha K’hbchu Yalanne to Zuni . . .

Nihizhí Creative Director

 Nihizhí, Our Voices: An Indigenous Solutions Podcast is dedicated to providing listeners with recorded conversations on a variety of topics that center Indigenous voices across Turtle Island, with host Lyla June Johnston.

Rooted in an Indigenous framework, “nihizhí”, meaning “our voices” in Diné bizaad, seeks to elevate and celebrate the voices of Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island. Including the teachings that elders practice and retain to maintain balance within local communities and ecologies . . .